Maiatza 2003

< 43rd Annual Basque Picnic

The 43rd Annual Basque Picnic will take place on Sunday, June 1, 2003 at the Petaluma Fairgrounds.  For more information, please see the enclosed flyer.  We hope to see a good turn out and enjoy a day celebrating our rich culture!


< Organizational Meeting

Those interested in volunteering during the picnic should attend the general meeting on Wednesday, May 14, 2003 which will be held at the Basque Cultural Center at 7:00 p.m. With your help this year will be as successful as years past.


< Mus Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the new champions!  First place went to Dave Barreneche and Eric Oillarburu, second place to Miguel Ybarra and Martin Urrutia.  These teams will be representing our club in May at the NABO Tournament hosted by the Anaitasuna Basque Club.


<  Ikasi 2003

The Center for Basque Studies’ successful Ikasi program will be held this year in Elko, NV July 1, 2, and 3rd in conjunction with the NABO Convention. Participants will look at topics including language, prehistory and mythology, dance, the role of women in Basque history, cooking, tracing genealogy, early Basque texts, and an Excursion to Jack

Creek for a day dedicated to learning about Basque sheepherders.  Applications and tuition information can be found on the NABO website   Space is limited, so apply soon!



< Udaleku 2003

This year’s NABO Udaleku will take place here at the Basque Cultural Center from June 15th until June 28th.   During the camp, participants will learn about Basque culture and form friendships that will stay with them for years to come. 


Applications can be found at the N.A.B.O. website , or those interested can call Valerie Arrechea at 650/871-7347.  The application deadline is May 25, 2003.  The age limit has been lowered to 8 for those from the Bay Area. 


We need help housing participants – those interested please contact Valerie.


< Eusko Etxea - on line

Presently the Basque Government is at work producing an English online magazine with news highlights of the Basque country as well as the communities in the extended Basque Diaspora in the Americas, Australia, etc. When launched, weekly emails will arrive in your inbox.  To sign up, please send your email to:


<  N.A.B.O. Convention

The N.A.B.O. Convention will take place in Elko, NV July 3 - 6.  For up to the minute information, please see the N.A.B.O. website


< Egunkaria

On February 20, 2003 the daily newspaper Egunkaria was shut down by Spanish officials and its editors detained.  As it was


the only daily newspaper published solely in Basque, many see the shut down as an attack on the Basque language. 


The San Francisco Basque Club wrote letters to both Senator Diane Fienstien and Senator Barbara Boxer calling attention to

the situation.  For more information on Egunkaria, you can go to the NABO website.


< Hezinet

The Hezinet Multimedia Basque Language Teaching Program has been installed at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center's computer lab.  With this program, the BCC hopes to offer Euskera classes.


The Hezinet software, produced by Aurten Bai, teaches the student the Basque language through a series of six courses that are divided into units and sessions. Each session uses graphical illustrations, and audio or video to teach that session's concept. The student then takes one of the varied tests, and then moves onto the next session.


For more information, please go to


< Gaztemundu / world Congress

Gaztemundu is a program organized by the Basque Government which brings young Basques from around the world to Euskal Herria for a two week seminar.  The focus of last year’s Gaztemundu was Basque Dance.  This year’s topic is the issue of Youth in the Basque Clubs.  Participants will attend a week seminar in Bilbao where



they will focus on issues that affect Basque Clubs.  They will spend the second week in Vitoria attending the World Congress of Basque Communities.  N.A.B.O. will play an important role in this Congress, with one day dedicated for the presentation of NABO projects, such as Udaleku.


Three from San Francisco have been chosen to participate in this program, out of ten that were selected from the United States.


Congratulations Philippe Acheritogaray, Xabi Berrueta, and Christian Iribarren!


< Coming events 2003

May 31        NABO Mus Tournament

                    (Union Espanol, SF)

June 1          Basque Picnic

June 15-28  NABO Udaleku (SF BCC)

July 3-6       NABO Convention (Elko, NV)

Aug. 9         Kantari Eguna (Gardnerville)